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Our Values

  • Educate – Learn how to train
  • Empower – Focus on what you can do
  • Serve – Build our community
  • Dave Spencer
    Dave SpencerClient
    "I tried Physical Therapy and improving my form on my own, but still couldn't lift half the weight I had in recent past.  After some focused research, I found an approach that made logical sense: Starting Strength, which led me to Dan.  In person, Dan's consistent, measured coaching style made remembering important cues easy. Thanks to Dan, I'm in the best shape of my life and stronger than ever!"
  • Jim Donlon
    Jim DonlonClient
    "Dan’s knowledge of strength training is deep, but just as impressive are his attentiveness, eye for detail, and commitment to his clients’ success.  He is a natural coach and leader.  Train with Dan not just to get strong, but to learn how to constantly set new goals—and smash them. "
  • Ryan Hirschman
    Ryan HirschmanClient
    "The excellent coaching and verbal cues from Dan, coupled with his expert programming and nutrition advice, have allowed me to continue to improve my lifts and gain strength and size. I highly recommend Dan to anyone who is interested in increasing strength, improving their barbell movements, or wants to live a better more healthy lifestyle."
  • Leslie B.Client
    "Dan is an excellent coach. He is patient and takes the unique needs of each individual into account. He was excellent to work with. I highly recommend him if your goal is to improve your strength, balance, and overall well-being."

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