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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about what we do? Here are a few of the questions we get the most.

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Can I drop in?

  • Can I drop in for the day?

    Yes, with one small caveat: you must email dan@fiftyonestrong.com first to ensure we have time and space available. The drop in fee is $60 and will include coaching from Dan.

How are you different?

  • How are you different than other trainers?

    51 Strong is a small, private gym in south Fargo. We typically train in small groups of 3-5 people, which allows us to give everyone the individual attention you would get with personal training, but in a fun environment with others to work out with. We customize each program based on your goals and needs, focus intently on technique and safety, and progressively challenge you as you grow stronger each week.

Our Facility

  • What equipment is available at 51 Strong?

    51 Strong primarily utilizes barbells to get people stronger. This allows us to scale the exercise to your ability and individual needs. It also allows us to perform many different exercises with one tool and train the body as a whole instead of muscle by muscle. When you come in it won’t look like a fancy health spa or big box gym. You’ll see barbells, platforms, squat racks, and plenty of weight to go around. When appropriate, we use other tools like sleds, bikes, suspension trainers, and a handful of machines. We don’t stray too far from our primary focus: getting stronger using the basic barbell lifts.

Starting Strength Program

  • What is Starting Strength?

    Click here to read a helpful article about Starting Strength.

What if I don't like it?

  • What if I don’t like it?

    Not a problem! If you’re not satisfied with your progress or the program within the first 14 days of training we’ll completely refund your money, guaranteed!

What is the cost?

  • What do your services cost?

    Personal Training: Individual attention in a private, small group environment. We’ll customize a program for you to meet you where you’re at, and you’ll receive coaching each session to keep you safe and on track. Options start at $175/month.

    Barbell Clinic: these are for those looking to come in and get an overview of the main barbell lifts. We’ll spend about 3 hours covering the squat, press, deadlift, and bench press. We may spend some time on the power clean if it’s applicable to you and your situation. We’ll talk about the fundamentals of programming and the basics of nutrition. This is done 1 on 1 or with you and a friend. The 1-day clinic is $200

    Online Coaching: Step 1: Initial consult to review goals, previous training history, injuries, concerns, etc. Step 2: After the initial consult, your custom program is delivered weekly and feedback is given after each workout for technique, and other general comments and concerns. Additionally, once per month, you’re able to come and train in person in Fargo at no cost! If you can’t train in person, we’ll talk on Skype each month to see how progress is going.  $149/month.

    Open Gym: For those who are looking for a place to train without crowds or waiting for equipment to open, this is for you. Open gym members can train during non-coached hours. Prices start at $75/month. Space is limited so email dan@fiftyonestrong.com to check availability.

    Drop In: Stop by and train for the day and get coaching from Dan. Email ahead of time to confirm availability. Drop-ins cost $60.

Where is the gym?

  • Where is the gym?

    51 Strong is located at 5131 51st Ave S, Unit 109, in Fargo, North Dakota.

    Send us an email ahead of time if you’d like to come and check the gym out!