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Change Your Routine

Change Your Routine
March 13, 2019 Dan Raimondi

I wrote recently about cues, routines, and rewards. One way you can change a habit or behavior is by changing the routine.

If you normally snack on a candy bar around 3:00 pm because you’re tired and bored at work, change the candy bar “routine” to something better for you. The cue- being bored and tired at work around 3:00 pm, will likely not be changing. But we can make the routine different. Maybe you bring a snack of carrots or an apple. Maybe you take a walk up and down a few stairs.

What’s the reward? You feel satisfaction that you not only ate something healthier, but you didn’t eat something less nutritious. Or you increased your activity for the day, got your heart rate up, and don’t feel as tired anymore.

Changing behavior starts small. Look for your cue. Instead of trying to change everything, try and change the routine. Insert something new and make it so easy to do you can’t say “no.”