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Cold Weather

Cold Weather
November 10, 2020 Dan Raimondi

I like when winter comes in North Dakota. It’s cold and gray up here. The wind whips through and the only thing I want to do is stay inside and train. You glance out of the window and see the snow coming down. You’ve got the perfect excuse to put on a sweatshirt and sweatpants and move for the next hour.

I used to train in my garage during the winter before I opened my gym. I had a small space heater for my feet. I’d train around 5:30am, and double up on layers. Deadlifts were the worst. The cold bar in your hands was unforgiving. But it also gave a slight edge. I thought, “Who else is out there in the world doing this right now?”

I like training in the cold. I like the solitude that winter brings. It’s perfect for getting stronger.