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Decision Fatigue

Decision Fatigue
February 12, 2019 Dan Raimondi

Steve Jobs famously wore basically the same thing every day. In fact, if you google his name and search through the images, you have to look for the photos of him not wearing the iconic black shirt. He, along with Zuckerberg and former President Obama, did this to reduce the number of decisions he makes in a day. If you know every day what you’re going to wear without having to think, your mind is free to focus on other stuff.

How does this apply to you?

  • Try being routine with 1 meal in the day. Standardize your breakfast for a few weeks at a time. Try overnight oats, smoothies, egg scrambles loaded with veggies. If you can prepare it ahead of time even better!
  • Keep your gym bag in the car. You won’t need to remember it in the morning, and you won’t have an excuse if you forget it.
  • Park far away. Spending extra minutes searching for that spot up close is stressful. Park far away and walk. It’s quicker to find a spot, plus you get the benefit of doing a little extra exercise.
  • “One more day.” If you find yourself about to make a poor decision, like buying candy at the check out line while you’re stressed, tell yourself to wait “one more day.” You can do it tomorrow. If you can hold off and not give in, you reduce the chance you’ll give in to the impulse buy.