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Density Blocks

Density Blocks
February 8, 2019 Dan Raimondi

I first heard of density training from Charles Staley. The concept was about taking fixed time and trying to do as much “work” as possible.  To continue with my post from yesterday, density blocks give you a set amount of time- a definite start and a definite end. Your job is to simply cram as many reps in this time frame as you can.

Some people choose to pace themselves, breaking the work up in small chunks evenly spread through the whole time. Some start fast, pushing close to failure early and then trying to hold on to the end. Others might start conservatively, hoping for a big sprint to the finish. It doesn’t matter. Just do more work.

Density blocks can be especially helpful when you have limited equipment. Push ups, chin ups, and dips all work well when programmed for a block of time. You can also do this ab work or conditioning. How far can you bike in 15 minutes? Next time, go further.