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Exercise Selection

Exercise Selection
June 1, 2021 Dan Raimondi

In no particular order, here are a few things to think about when assigning an exercise:

  1. Equipment
    • What do you have access to?
  2. Goals
    • What do you value/ What is important to you?
    • Why are you doing this?
  3. Setting
    • Will they be with me in person (live feedback), or will it be an online client (delay in feedback)?
  4. Personal preference
    • Connected with # 2- what do they like and dislike?
  5. Difficulty
    • How challenging is this new exercise to learn? Does it align with their goals?
  6. Ability
    • Can they do what I’m asking (physically)? Is it too hard?
  7. Aches/Pain
    • Does this exercise historically result in pain for this person?