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I Don’t Have Time

I Don’t Have Time
January 24, 2019 Dan Raimondi

This is commonly cited as a reason people don’t work out. Sure, you may not have 2 hours a day (or heck, even 1 hour), but what if I told you to find 20 seconds?

From an article by Alex Hutchinson:

The latest study was led by Madison Jenkins and Leah Nairn, both students of Gibala’s at McMaster, and appears in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. A dozen sedentary volunteers were instructed to climb three flights of stairs as quickly as possible – a task that took roughly 20 seconds – three times a day with at least an hour between bouts. They repeated this task three times a week for six weeks, and their fitness was then compared to a control group that didn’t do any exercise.

The results showed a significant 5-per-cent increase in aerobic fitness, as measured in an exhaustion test on an exercise bike. That’s about half the size of the improvement seen in some of Gibala’s previous, more time-consuming protocols, so you do pay a price for convenience.

Is this dosage of training going to be enough to get you into the shape you want? Probably not. But it’s certainly something, and it’s certainly better than nothing. More importantly, as the authors in the article write, exercise doesn’t have to look the way you think it does. It might mean parking further away and walking quickly inside. It might mean going up the stairs a little faster and opting out of the elevator. It all adds up, and when combined with strength training and more traditional, slightly longer duration cardio, can really help improve your quality of life, as well as certain health parameters. The real question is, do you really not have enough time? Or are you not making the time?