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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome
November 17, 2020 Dan Raimondi

That sense that you don’t belong, that you’re going to be found out. I think we all feel this in some areas to some degree. I know I have and do. The funny thing is that I feel it much more nowadays than I did when I first got into coaching. I knew a lot less back then but was confident I knew it all. Maybe “confident” is too nice- arrogant is a better word.

How do you overcome it? Ask yourself why you feel that? Is it because it’s a topic you’re deeply passionate about? Are you worried about messing up? Are you scared someone will “discover” the truth?

Lean into that insecurity. Seek out information and experiences to grow your knowledge and skill set. Being uncertain isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of maturity. Most things related to strength and conditioning are debated over in fine detail. The details, for most people, aren’t that important.