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It’s an Investment, Not an Expense

It’s an Investment, Not an Expense
August 6, 2018 Dan Raimondi

It’s hard to plan for the future. This is one reason why many Americans don’t have enough money saved for retirement. Right here, right now is easier to think about than 10, 15, or 20 years down the road.

I like to draw similarities between finance and exercise. We can liken strength and muscle to a retirement account- a physical 401(k). You save now so that your future is more secure. Build muscle now, get stronger, and as you age you can have a better quality of life.

So how do we get more people to plan for the future? Here are a few ways:

  1. Hire a coach. Paying someone else immediately holds you accountable. Most of all, they’ll be able to show you how to train and make it a sustainable habit.
  2. Prioritize it. “Pay yourself first” is the finance saying. In training, don’t set your schedule and then try to fit your workout in somewhere. It won’t work. Instead, block time off specifically to exercise. It needs priority.
  3. Do something. You don’t need to start saving your whole paycheck. Likewise, starting an exercise regimen by going from 0 days in the gym to 7 days is foolish. You’re setting yourself up to fail when you need to set yourself up for success. Start small. Go to the gym for 30 minutes, once per week. Or take a walk around the block after dinner. Once the habit has taken hold, then make it a little tougher.
  4. There are no shortcuts. Invest for the long term. You didn’t get into this situation overnight, and you won’t fix it overnight. Little by little you’ll get there. It takes time, so be patient.

Coach Janecek has a saying printed in his gym: “Strength is an investment, not an expense.” Get started today.