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Learn to Use the Barbell

Learn to Use the Barbell
December 9, 2020 Dan Raimondi

Now, more than ever, learning to train with a barbell is important. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Gyms are closing. More people than ever are moving into home gyms to train. Barbells offer the most economical and efficient use of your time if you build a home gym. If you know how to use this 1 tool, you can train every major muscle group in less time. Check out this video from Garage Gym Reviews to get a sense of just how inexpensive a home gym can be (if you have space).

2. Versatile. Barbells can be loaded at very light weights all the way up to very heavy loads. The barbell scales to you.

3. Measurable. You’ll know if you’ve made progress. You can ditch the endless bodyweight workouts for reps upon reps and simply get demonstrably stronger with progressively heavier weights.

4. Efficient. Instead of needing to perform several different exercises for each body part, learn a handful of barbell exercises. You’ll get more done 2-3 days per week for 45-60 minutes than going to the commercial gym.

5. Effective. Barbells require balance and coordination, strength, and muscle. It’s not something that can be “cheated”. You’ll get stronger and dramatically improve your quality of life.