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Most Don’t Show

Most Don’t Show
January 12, 2018 Dan Raimondi

Have you ever wondered how big gyms keep their membership rates so low? Here’s the secret: get lots of members, and then hope most never show up. It’s true. If everyone who had memberships in modern big chain gyms showed up to workout the place would shut down, with simply too few equipment to handle the volume. The other option they’d be forced to entertain if, in fact, most people who bought memberships went to the gym, would be to raise their prices.

When you’re looking to pick a gym, are you looking for the cheapest option, the one you can sign up for and forget about? Are you looking for the gym with free bagels and pizza during the week, massage chairs to relax in and, a juice bar to burn more cash at? Are you learning anything from them? Are you getting results?

Yes, smaller gyms, private training, and less flash might cost a bit more. But what we lack in shiny machines we more than make up for in effective coaching, the ability to program for people of all ages and abilities, and a sense of accountability. We’ll teach you along the way.

Our goal isn’t to keep you in the dark, forcing you to feel dependent on us(I actually heard this was why a personal trainer at a very well known gym constantly changed her clients’ workouts). We want to educate and guide you along the way. We want you to come. We want to help get you stronger. Our business depends on our members showing up and putting in the work.

Note: if you want to hear an excellent podcast about this topic, listen to “Planet Money” episode 590.