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Punch the Clock

Punch the Clock
February 1, 2019 Dan Raimondi

Training can get boring at times. We don’t sell a program like p90x, where every day is something new. You’re welcome to do that, but that’s not what we would call training. When we train, we’re working toward a goal in a systematic way. We’re trying to apply specific stress to elicit an adaptation.  Over time, and especially as you exhaust your novice gains, training can get boring. In the long run, you’ll need to develop proficiency in the barbell lifts if you want to get stronger at them. This takes practice. And if you want to get stronger you need to build more muscle. This takes volume (sets and reps). The thing is that building muscle takes a while.

Lyle McDonald’s model estimates that with each year of training you’ll have a harder time building muscle. At first, it’s easy; as you go on, month by month, it’ll get progressively harder. By your 4th year of proper training, it’s going to be hard to see growth on a monthly basis. It might be happening, but noticing it might be hard.

Many of your workouts in this phase of your training career are “punch the clock” sort of sessions. Get in and do the work. Not all of them will be great sessions. In fact, many might be downright awful. You might be stuck, unmotivated, busy with other things in life, etc…In these times remember what your goal is. Is this what you really want? If so, keep going. If not, re-evaluate and decide if there’s a better way to go about achieving your goals.