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Random Thoughts, Part 2

Random Thoughts, Part 2
April 4, 2019 Dan Raimondi
  1. When it comes to losing weight, the weekend seems to be tough for many people. During the week there’s a routine. There’s order. Things might be boring but they’re predictable. On Friday night, going out with friends adds a new element. Eating out, drinking- it all adds up and can 100{e18ed2371f09e71a3757b9c079724507f9c8fbf367ae51cfed9a8a84db31045b} undo the work you did during the week to lose weight. If you know this is going t happen, adjust the rest of the day to account for the extra calories in the evening. Eat a smaller breakfast or lunch. Drink some more water and do your best. But realize if you’re not losing weight, it might be the weekend that’s catching up to you.
  2. Mindlessly snacking adds way more calories than you realize. Chips and dip, candy bars, sunflower seeds, ice cream- yes, they have calories, and some have quite a few. You’re eating far more than you think, and far more often. Get it out of the environment or replace the habit with something better for you. You’re probably not actually hungry, just looking for something to do.
  3. All or nothing thinking is going to derail your efforts. “If I miss a workout then why bother the rest of the week?” If you miss once, as James Clear puts it, don’t miss twice. Get back on track.
  4. The foods you love are probably not purely salt or carbs or sugar. Ice cream is more than sugar. Cookies are more than sugar. The foods most people indulge on are a combination of salt, fat, sugar, or starch. They have a certain mouth feel or crunch. Simple test: do you sit down and eat table sugar straight from the jar? Then what you like is probably more than just sugar. My point is that the foods you’re craving are highly palatable, calorie-dense foods that are not satiating and easy to overeat. Don’t blame the carbs or the fat.
  5. Diet soda is fine to drink, especially if it gets you to stop drinking the full sugar stuff. If you want to lose weight, diet soda is a useful ally, not the enemy because it has “chemicals.”
  6. There’s no gluten in rice.
  7. Pretty good > perfect.
  8. People who lose weight and keep it off weigh themselves often and exercise every day. Long term weight loss will likely benefit from these 2 strategies.
  9. Fat hides. I heard this from Robert Santana, RD. It’s true. You might go out and get food that seems healthy, only to find it was cooked in lots of oil with lots of butter. One more reason to prepare more food yourself.