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July 11, 2018 Dan Raimondi

Where do I get my information? I put useful links in my posts but here is a more formal list of coaches, clinicians, and doctors who provide quality information. I’ve also linked articles and videos that I find myself recommending often.

General Strength Training

Starting Strength

Barbell Medicine


Reactive Training Systems

Nutrition / Weight Loss

Renaissance Periodization

Precision Nutrition

Alan Aragon

Brad Schoenfeld

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Physical Therapy, Injury, and Pain

Barbell Medicine

Clinical Athlete



PT Inquest

You Are Not So Smart

Barbell Medicine

Articles I’ve Shared the Most

  Diagnosing Silly B.S.

To Be a Beast

Videos I’ve Shared the Most

Alan Thrall- Ouch my Back

Reactive Training Systems- Emerging Strategies