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Sneaky Cardio

Sneaky Cardio
January 5, 2019 Dan Raimondi

I heard Jessica Griffith use this term in a recent video.  Here’s why I like it: I dislike cardio. Don’t get me wrong, it should definitely be part of a comprehensive program. Strength training plus cardio stacks the deck in your hands from an exercise standpoint. But, I personally don’t find it enjoyable. I find every reason in the book to skip it. So here’s what I’ve been doing.

  1. Start small. Doesn’t matter how small, start with something so trivial I literally can’t say no. For me, this means 1 day of the week I warm up with a 2-mile bike ride. I record how long it took for me to do that. My first time through I did it at a pretty easy pace to give myself room to improve. Day 2 I do a 1-mile bike ride at a faster pace than I would need for 2 miles. I record that number. My goal is simply to beat the number.
  2. Do it first. I do this before my strength training. Why? Because I’ll talk myself out of it if I put it at the end of my training. When I’m fresh and mentally least fatigued I crank (pun intended) it out.
  3. Track your data. Check your numbers, Improvement by 1 second is fine. Over time, these compound into big gains.

What else can you do this with? Try a movement you want to improve. Use a commercial break to practice. It might be holding a plank for 10-15 seconds or doing a few push-ups while the shower warms up. It’s “sneaky” simply because the little bit you’re doing adds up over time.