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The First Exercise

The First Exercise
June 27, 2018 Dan Raimondi

I didn’t feel like training yesterday. It’s true. Even I have days where I rationalize not lifting.

“I can always shift the days back.”

“I don’t have the time.”

“I’ll be so sore that traveling tomorrow will be miserable.”

To combat these thoughts, I tell myself to perform the first exercise of the day. “I’ll just do my squats, and that’s it.”

But when I did my squats, I figured I might as well do my bench presses.

And when I finished bench pressing, I somehow had time to do my deadlifts.

I was a little sore yesterday while traveling- but I was more happy I got my lift in.

*I wrote an article for startingstrength.com in October. Called “The First Rep”, it was about being present while you lift-focused on one rep at a time.