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The Weekend Counts

The Weekend Counts
May 21, 2018 Dan Raimondi

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky has some awesome content on social media. One thing people will ask folks who specialize in weight loss is how they are failing to lose weight when they eat “healthy” all week. The problem can be the weekend. Here’s how: Let’s say you’re trying to stay around 2,000 calories to create a small, sustainable rate of weight loss,. And let’s say you stick to this plan 5 days a week. When the weekend rolls around, however, in the spirit of earning a break from the diet, you go a bit off the tracks and eat out for a several of the meals, without paying much attention to the calories coming in. It can end up looking like this. You might end up frustrated that you’re doing everything right during the week, only to forget that the weekend still counts!

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t feel the need to cut out donuts and pizza. If you can avoid overeating them (i.e 1 slice of pizza doesn’t turn into 5) then they certainly can be part of your daily intake. Always remember that the weekend still counts towards your weight loss. You might be spinning your wheels by being diligent during the week and less focused on the weekend. Be mindful and see where along the way you can make progress.

Side Note: If you’re looking for a few great Instagram accounts to follow to learn more about nutrition and exercise without having to read articles and books on the topic, check on Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, Precision Nutrition, and Renaissance Periodization.