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April 10, 2019 Dan Raimondi

Are you under-muscled? Keeping your bodyweight and waist circumference within a healthy range is helpful in reducing your risk of certain diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc… Losing weight and reducing your waist circumference is part of the equation. Building muscle and strengthening bone is also necessary for improving your quality of life and basic everyday function.

A client of mine who works as a firefighter told me recently of a call he was on. The older gentleman, unfortunately, could not get up off of the toilet. The fire department was called in to assist. When my client was in the house, he noticed lots of trophies, showcasing the gentleman’s completion of several marathons and other endurance races. We often think of those who can endure as being the healthiest and most fit. If your training never encompasses some stuff from the other end of the spectrum- strength- you might find your physical development lacking.

Focus on losing weight and bringing inches off your waist if necessary. Eat lean proteins, veggies, and fiber. Sleep. Don’t smoke. Do some cardiovascular training. And please, do some strength training. Train a few basic movements like squatting down and standing up. Learn how to pick something up off the floor. Put stuff overhead. Push a sled or carry some heavy objects. Doing this in itself yields massive rewards.