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Weekly Total

Weekly Total
April 25, 2019 Dan Raimondi

Set a weekly total for yourself.

200 push-ups aren’t too bad. It’s just over 20 push-ups per day. The best part of a weekly total is that you can allocate it however you want. Save all the reps for 1 day or divvy them up over the week. Or take a few days off and do a few extra push-ups.

Push-ups, chin-ups, planks (use time instead of reps), bodyweight squats,  etc…Set a total and do it. And when you finish, treat yourself with something. Give yourself a reward for working hard. And if you don’t, then you don’t get it.

Sometimes a daily goal undermines your progress. If you set a goal of walking 20 minutes a day and then miss a day…well, now you’re behind. And people don’t want to miss or fail or feel like the week is a wash. Set a weekly total. Now if you miss Monday, you just have a little more work to do the rest of the week. It’s subtle, but it’s a psychological trick to keep you engaged and moving forward, instead of dwelling on the past. 

Note: You can apply this to pretty much anything, including diet (#8 on this list).