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What is GPP?

What is GPP?
February 11, 2019 Dan Raimondi

General Physical Preparedness. This is the foundation of your physical ability. Specific applies your physical training toward a task. You can be in great cardiovascular shape to bike the Tour de France, but not be elite when you go run a marathon. Because running has a specific set of skills associated with it that biking does not have. And vice versa. Getting stronger is no different. Here’s what I think is important to remember- to some degree, there is carryover (or transfer), from one activity to the next. You might not run the marathon in an elite time, but it’ll likely be a pretty good time.

Forming a broad base of strength, power, conditioning, coordination, and flexibility doesn’t take much. You don’t need to lift crazy amounts of weight to feel the carryover in everyday life. You don’t need the heart of a Nordic skier to not feel gassed going up the stairs. A little bit goes a long way.

For those who train so it can make their life better, do this:

  • lift weights 2-3 days per week. You should record what you do and gradually improve it over time. A little more weight, a few more reps, maybe a few more sets.
  • Do some conditioning 1-2 days per week. Do something you enjoy- bike, kayak, hike, ski, run- you choose. Try and mix in some steady state cardio and some more intense intervals. Little bursts of 20-30 seconds and then rest for about 30-90 seconds. It doesn’t take much.
  • Play some games or sports, if you can. Work on your coordination, have fun and be a social creature.

A general foundation is an investment in your future. Start now.