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What We Offer

Introduction to Strength Training

This 4-week cycle will take you step by step through the process of getting stronger. Designed for those new to training or unfamiliar with the Starting Strength method, we’ll meet you where you are on Day 1 and teach you how to lift weights properly, how to set up your program, and how to continue making progress each week. The Introduction to Strength Training is $500. If you bring a friend, each person saves $100!

                Intermediate Group Training

After completing your introduction to strength training (or if you’re already familiar with the Starting Strength Method), you’ll be invited to join our intermediate group. These lifters meet once per week at Raimondi Strength and train the other days of the week on their own. Programming and technical feedback are still provided, but this is a chance to be more independent while still working on form and continuing to get stronger and build muscle. Intermediate class options start at $175/month.

                  1 Day Clinic

If you want to learn the basic barbell lifts in 2.5- 3 hours, this is for you. We’ll cover the squat, press, deadlift, and the bench press and hone your technique while troubleshooting any issues and concerns you have. We’ll cover the power clean as well if it’s applicable for you and your situation. While you lift we’ll cover the basics of programming and nutrition and send you off with a plan for training on your own. The 1 day clinic is $180. If you’d like to bring a friend or relative it is an additional $100.

                  Online Training

If you can’t train with us in person, train with us online!

Step 1: Initial consult via Skype or in person to review goals, previous training history, injuries, concerns, etc.

Step 2: After the initial consult, your custom program is delivered weekly and feedback is given after each workout for technique, and other general comments and concerns. Additionally, once per month, you’re able to come and train in person in Fargo at no cost! If you can’t train in person, we’ll talk on Skype each month to see how progress is going. Online coaching is $175/ month.