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What do I need to start training?

What do I need to start training?
March 5, 2018 Dan Raimondi

What do you need to begin training? There are some pieces of equipment that will be of tremendous value in the long run. As we’ve talked about before, a composition book is essential for measuring progress (you can take it a step further by also logging online or in excel to see long-term trends, though for the beginner I’d say it’s optional). A well-made belt and weightlifting shoes are also very useful pieces of equipment. Shoes and a belt will last a very long time, and investing in quality will ensure you don’t “buy twice.”

As far as essentials go, that’s pretty much it. You can consider other items if the need/want arises- a pair of knee sleeves if your knees need a little extra warmth or tend to be a little achy, lifting straps if you need to do some more pulling but your grip is causing problems. If your gym doesn’t supply chalk buy your own, put it in a ziplock bag or tupperware container. If it doesn’t allow chalk, find a new gym or use Liquid Chalk. If your wrists give you problems when pressing or squatting, try a pair of wrist wraps. If you need to make smaller increases to the barbell you can buy a pair of 1lb plates. It seems like a lot of stuff but really, a composition book, shoes, and a belt will take you very far in your training. If you’re serious about getting stronger, make the investment and begin the journey.

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